Schlesinger Consulting

Schlesinger Consulting provides services in both general management and marketing for large and medium sized technical companies lacking the experience or familiarity in specific new arenas they are pursuing, and also provides consulting services in specific areas of Electrical Engineering.

Primary focus is in support of companies entering a new technical market, entering a new technical product to an existing marketplace, non US companies entering the US market, and companies having issues with standards and code compliance, distribution channels, strategic or business planning, and issues with poorly defined goals.

Rob Schlesinger is an Electrical Engineer with PE registrations in multiple states and holds a MBA in marketing and finance.

He has more than 25 years experience related to the electric power industry and construction contracting, serving in technical, management and consulting capacities with companies such as ASEA/ABB, Siemens, Hubbell, High Voltage, Emerson, and many others.

This diversity of experiences has developed expertise in both the technical and business arenas permitting him to practice his consulting in both.

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Schlesinger Consulting
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Last modified April 2016